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Re: DocBook XML rises from the ashes!

John Babich wrote:


Top Ten List of  "Disadvantages to Working on a Global Project":

1. Two words: Time zones

I'm very much interested in this training.

Just a reminder:

West Coast, North America - Wednesday, 2 PM (GMT-8)
East Coast, North America - Wednesday, 5 PM (GMT-5) <-- You are Here
West Russia, Middle East, East Africa - Thursday, 1 AM (GMT+3) <-- my situation
New Zealand - Thursday, 11 PM - Thursday, 11 AM (GMT+10)

Actually, Paul's proposed time (5 PM, Mon US E) translates to ~2 AM, Tuesday Dubai (I suppose you're not far off). On the other hand, Sat 2 PM your time is around 5 AM Paul's zone, correct?

Neither one sounds terribly attractive but if John's proposal is pushed for few hours and Paul gets up before 9 AM on Saturday, it might work for both. Weird time down here but I'll be up&working anyway (3 AM, Pacific/Auckland).

One dumb question: on what IRC channel would this meeting happen?

Cheers, Vladimir

So, the best time for me (YMMV) under the circumstances is

Saturday, 2 PM, EST (GMT-5)

John Babich

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