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Re: DocBook XML rises from the ashes!


On 12/2/06, Vladimir Kosovac <vnk mkc co nz> wrote:
Actually, Paul's proposed time (5 PM, Mon US E) translates to ~2 AM,
Tuesday Dubai (I suppose you're not far off). On the other hand, Sat 2
PM your time is around 5 AM Paul's zone, correct?

Actually, assuming you meant 5 PM, not AM: Dubai would be Thursday,
2 AM (Dubai Time). :-)

"GMT"  (Greenwich Mean Time) is the usual American way to refer
to "UTC" (Universal Time Coordinated). Paul is UTC-5, I'm UTC+3, Dubai
is UTC+4 and you're at UTC+13 (I think). There are no daylight savings
times in effect at this time,  which makes it easier. See
www.timeanddate.com for all the confusing details.

One dumb question: on what IRC channel would this meeting happen?

I usually ask the dumb questions around here, but feel free to assist me.
Seriously, there are no dumb questions.

We usually meet on #fedora-docs on freenode.net. See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate for further details.

John Babich

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