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Re: Self Introduction: Igor Miletic

У сре, 06. 12 2006. у 07:55 -0800, Karsten Wade пише:

> We should follow the modular style being used for the Fedora
> Administration Guide now.  So, as a first interesting exercise, can you
> create/update a page like this one for the
> Docs/Drafts/SoftwareManagementGuide:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide/Contributors
> The basic idea is to have a table with each chapter (module) in its own
> row.  Then you can pick one or a few chapters to begin work on, putting
> yourself down as the '''Contributor'''.
> John most likely wants to continue working on the FSMG, and you can see
> what other writers are interested.

I created the draft page here:


For now all links point to existing pages. I put myself for the Managing
Software section, it seems to cover the yum part well, maybe I should
add the pirut part with an example and possibly yumex part as well (i.e.
show how to install it through pirut and then show how to use it)?

Also, any other ideas are welcome too.


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