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Re: Feedback request

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 10:30 -0600, Eric Rostetter wrote:
> Quoting Debra Deutsch <fedoradocs ddeutsch org>:
> > I've read the pages about writing using the wiki and wiki editing.  It's
> > left me with the impression that perhaps the FAQ should be broken into
> > pages instead of being one long page.
> All the sites I've done, I've always generated the FAQ as both a single
> monolithic FAQ and a paged version.  Let the user pick which they want.

This can be done by following a format similar to
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats but using a [[Table of
Contents]] at the start instead of the hand-generated list of links to
the actual sub-pages.

> Most users want a monolithic version for printing, handouts, etc.
> Most users like to be able to go to a specific page in the docs easily
> when searching for quick information (ala google, etc).

Breaking this up could make for easier and more intuitive deep linking:


Right now a link to that same question looks like this:


This format sucks for Google, because it changes all the time.

You could simulate that with the anchors, but it would look more like


- Karsten
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