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Re: Eclipse for XML authoring

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>, spake thus:

> http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Authoring-With-Eclipse/AuthoringWithEclipse.html
> I understand there are a few factual errors, but the basic ideas can
> work.  I'm looking into which plug-in(s) are needed to make this work,
> so we can get them into Extras or the eclipse packaging.  It uses FOP
> for PDF generation
> One of the plug-ins is fopbridge:
> http://www.eclipse-plugins.info/eclipse/plugin_details.jsp;jsessionid=E70C3A5C0B3E635C87C7795874D40D00?id=942
> (The canonical http://www.ahmadsoft.org/fopbridge.html is expired.)
> Another XML editor based on Eclipse is referenced, Vex:
> http://vex.sourceforge.net/

I'd tried these before, but revisited them after this email.

I never could get VEX to work on my FC4 system.  First, it requires
Sun java on the $PATH.  Then, it wouldn't open the external file
example-tutorial-en.xml, so I gave up.  Perhaps if I took time to
build it from scratch, but I'm not going to try.

The Eclipse Web Tools 1.0 release (brand, spanking new) looks good.
It is at:


where I tried the standalone, all-in-one package.  It seems to work
well, providing syntax highlighting, tag completion and structure

I couldn't find how to validate the document, however.

I installed the Fedora natively-compiled eclipse-platform and
eclipse-jdt RPM's and tried to use Eclipse's remote update against
that version.  The webtools installed OK, but then required that the
Sun java be found on the path before the gcj version.

YMMV (and probably will)

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