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wiki tagging style

I've working over this file:


In particular this section and the surrounding sections:


I'm trying to get the same formatting used across the Docs/Beats,
because those are now canonical and need to output XML that follows the
same styling conventions.

Here is what I did and what I am wondering about, I'm curious for


1. Made the technical markup into a table by term.  Did some changes:

- Applications are now '''boldface'''
- Added {{{inline command}}} and {{{daemon}}}
- Added ''first term'' and ''glossary term''



2. I don't like the table hack for the admonitions.  I mean, I like it
visually, but that is a problem we need to solve in the stylesheets.
Can we?  Otherwise, it doesn't translate to XML that well.

OTOH, I like the look of a '''Bold title for the admonition''', like

 {i} '''Interesting information is available informally'''

 With a paragraph like this that contains real content to back up the
informative title line.

We could look into making the stylesheets deliver, "Boldface the entire
line associated with the admonition icon."

Otherwise, I propose that we use my example {i} from above.  However, I
put in changes to support _just_ the boldface and second paragraph,
which actually now matches the existing sample icons.  The pipes are
therefore up for discussion, unless you all hate the boldface and second
paragraph stuff. :)

When the paragraph and the admonition are jammed together, the
admonition feels crowded to me.  The title needs to be informative and



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