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Re: Eclipse for XML authoring

On Wed, 2006-02-01 at 13:04 -0800, Karsten Wade wrote: 
> http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Authoring-With-Eclipse/AuthoringWithEclipse.html
> I understand there are a few factual errors, but the basic ideas can
> work.  I'm looking into which plug-in(s) are needed to make this work,
> so we can get them into Extras or the eclipse packaging.  It uses FOP
> for PDF generation
> One of the plug-ins is fopbridge:
> http://www.eclipse-plugins.info/eclipse/plugin_details.jsp;jsessionid=E70C3A5C0B3E635C87C7795874D40D00?id=942
> (The canonical http://www.ahmadsoft.org/fopbridge.html is expired.)
> Another XML editor based on Eclipse is referenced, Vex:
> http://vex.sourceforge.net/

The built-in authoring the authors spend most of their time on is
somewhat problematic in Fedora Eclipse with GCJ, AFAICT.  I get a
boatload of errors when I try to perform any related task in Eclipse.
(I am using GCJ only, no Sun Java installed.)

However, Vex seems to work *great*.  The only problem I see is that you
need to have a good understanding of DocBook and a general knowledge of
SGML (how to nest elements) before you get started.  To install, I added
Vex using the software update feature and the associated URL provided at
the Vex site.

If you know those things, then it's perfectly workable, albeit far more
cumbersome than Emacs or vi.  It's also somewhat WYSIWYM (M == "Mean"),
with nice CSS that renders your content onscreen.  I haven't tried yet
to impose our CSS on it to see if I can get that to work, but I will
when I get a Round Tuit.  Files can be validated by right clicking in
the project window on the file resource.  Vex does DTD grammar checking
and exposes attributes in the property window just as it should.  If it
were faster and slimmer, it might classify as a Conglomerate-killer, no
slight intended of course.

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