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Re: press release format, for translation too

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>, spake thus:

> 1. Formatted ASCII text.  
>    We'd have to write a custom text2po and po2text, with strict
>    formatting rules on the TXT side.

Got an example of the formatting you like?  The custom scripts don't
sound hard.
> 2. DocBook XML 
>    Proven, but the stylesheets do not make a pretty press release.  If
>    an XSL fanatic would make a nice stylesheet for us ...

Got an example of a pretty press release you like?

Idea: XML -> PO -> XML -> XSL -> TXT
> 3. OO.o SXW -> XML -> .po -> XML -> SXW
>    No one has experimented with this yet, but it could work
>    conceivably.  If it doesn't work, we could manually unpack the SXW
>    and work on the XML directly.  I reckon that would work. 

IIRC, OO.o doesn't import DocBook XML, although I seem to remember a
3rd party add-on on sf.net somewhere.
> 4. Wiki -> .po
>    Theoretically possible, but no idea if it's been done.

Sorry, I don't do GUI's.
> What do you think about all this?

In general, we should be able to use the FDP infrastructure for this
but I'm reserving judgement until I can see some examples of the
desired results.


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