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[ANN] Mandatory new directory structure

Hello, Doc'ers!

In order to better support the translation effort, we need to
reorganize the required directory structure a bit, to better parallel
the current translation group practices.

The idea is to place the XML files for each language into a separate
subdirectory.  For instance, the "example-tutorial" document as the
following structure:

	$ ls -CF
	CVS/  Makefile  de/  en/
	$ ls -CF en
	CVS/  example-tutorial-en.xml  para-en.xml  rpm-info-en.xml

Each document owner should do this:

1) Create a separate directory for each language supported by the
   XML.  Use the "en" locale for the English translation, for now,
   even though that isn't a real locale.

2) Add the per-language subdirectories to CVS

3) Copy the *-${LANG}.xml files into the ${LANG}/ subdirectory.

4) Add the ${LANG}/*.xml files to CVS

5) Drop the top-level XML files once you've moved them like this:

	$ cvs rm -f *-${LANG}.xml

6) Commit your changes.

The shell script "docs-common/bin/migrate-lang" will do steps 1-4 for
you and commit your additions.  For safety's sake, it does NOT delete
your top-level XML files as shown in step #5: do that yourself when
the subdirs are correct.

Use the script like this:

	$ cd example-tutorial
	$ ../docs-common/bin/migrate-lang | sh

I.E., the "migrate-lang" script outputs the actual shell commands
needed to do the work, but you must pipe those commands into another
shell to actually change anything.


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