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Re: press release format, for translation too

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>, spake thus:

> > Got an example of a pretty press release you like?
> IMO, it should be like what are delivered to Business Wire.  Plain text,
> written to follow a non-bylined journalistic style:
> http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/060131/20060131005159.html?.v=1

I've put together a version of a Press Release
technology, based on a tiny DTD and an XSL stylesheet.  It's not
DocBook, but still tiny enough to be understood or copied at a

Find a copy at:


I've also included a dummy release in both PDF and TXT formats, made
using the latest FOP from CVS and my hacked xmlto that uses it.
Lacking that, you should be able to run xsltproc manually.

I didn't quite know what to do about identifying the source of the
press release, or a byline, or the like, so I just left it out.  They
could be added if you have an example; I'm flying blind here.


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