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why XInclude for release-notes

<stickster> I am still curious... why did we move to XInclude to start

Here's my small stack of reasons:

i) XIncludes are the XML and modern DB way of doing things, so I wanted
to get them working correctly.  So, the technical desire to not use
older, restrictive methods.

This has the advantage of letting us continue to break out XML into
modular files, and have each one a valid XML document.  This -should-
make validation, editing, etc. easier for everyone.

ii) Every round of making the relnotes, I was outputting XML from MM and
manually carrying changes over.  As the beats and notes grow, this is

So, although the XML is rather plain vanilla, if the MM styling is
consistent, at least the formatting is the same

I figured, it would be easier to take the XML from out of MM and stitch
it together with XIncludes than it would be to use entities for the

That said, another post-processing option is to snip the <article> junk
from the files and make the <section>s then pull them in with good ol'

I suppose that if we can't get the xi to work, we can revert back to
entities for this release.

Also, I'm wondering if this header is properly formed:

<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.4//EN"

Shouldn't there be an 'XML' between 'DocBook' and 'V4.4'?

I took out all the entity calls and added to fdp-info-en.xml a DOCTYPE
declaration and a call to the entities file.  I'm continuing to have the
problem of nothing being able to find the DTD from
http://www.docbook.org/xml/4.4/docbookx.dtd .  That seems to be just a
problem with me?  

I'm going to check all these changes in for now, so that we can work
together to hack through.  My error output seems related to the $PWD of
the XIncluded file.  I'm working my way through until I probably end up
with just having all the legal notice stuff within the language-specific
areas of the module as a hack-around.

- Karsten
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