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[ANN] docs-common breakage

Karsten, Tommy and I are all working on fixes to our docs-common to
accommodate use of (1) XInclude, and (2) translation processes.  There
may be significant breakage for the next several days.  If you value
your ability to build the docs, don't update your docs-common module.
(Or alternately, you can always "cvs up -D 2006-02-11 docs-common/" to
back out to the previous version, after seeing how badly we've borked

When we have finished, there may be additional guidelines for existing
and new docs, although we expect the changes for individual modules to
be truly minimal.  Or at least that's what we're shooting for.

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
  gpg fingerprint: 3DA6 A0AC 6D58 FEC4 0233  5906 ACDB C937 BD11 3717
 Fedora Documentation Project: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

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