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Re: Self-Introduction: Tony Crouch

On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 21:03 +1100, Tony Crouch wrote:
> Hi All, 

Hi Tony, welcome.

> Am just wanting to introduce myself to this list. I have been a user of
> Fedora for a number of years and am keen to get more involved. I am
> hoping that through this 'side' of Fedora development I may be able to
> lend a hand where possible. Regardless of the task meniality.

"Meniality"?  I dub thee a neologist! ;-)

> I will be the first to admit that I am still much of a fedora novice. 

The Getting Started Guide (GSG) team has requested assistance:


One of the guide's writer/editors is going to contact you back through
this list, initially, to get you started.  Target is a guide ready for
FC5, 15 March.

Many hands make light work.

As a bonus I'm offering to the GSG team:  if you make the 03 March 23:59
UTC freeze, I'll make sure your guides are available for translation for
the 15 March FC5 release.  Cross your fingers, it might even be through

Some light reading to get you ready to write in the Wiki:


Again, welcome, your hands shall be put to good use.  Whenever you see
anything else of interest, just dive right in.

Cheers - Karsten
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