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goals for a year's tenure

It's time to set the goals for my year's tenure as Fedora
Documentation Project Management Committee (PMC) chair.

What do you think is important for this project?

What should my goals and the project's goals be for the year?

From the beginning, I've agreed with Greg DeKoenigsberg that our role as
Red Hat kickstarters of Fedora was to:

i) Make things rock and roll;
ii) GTF out of the way and let it roll!

I've been witnessing this with Fedora Extras, and it is impressive.

Nine months ago I set myself a personal goal of eighteen months to do
just that in the Docs Project -- make things rock, then get out of the

Things being what they be, I'm upping to 21 months total, so February of
2007.  ;-D

Community leaders abound, but the FC 6 development cycle requires me to
keep the momentum going as someone who can shake-and-stir inside of Red
Hat.  That was the core of my original plan, to get the project out from
Red Hat's wing.  Seeing through FC 6 development and mid-way into FC 7
should be just about the right timing for me to retire, I reckon.

Therefore, I'm working on my goals and aspirations for the next year:


The goals have some metrics assigned to them.  That's how we know they
are done, when the metrics are met or exceeded.  But they are a starting
point, what I think might be important.  So, back to the top ...

What do you think the project's goals should be for the next year?

How about my goals as the chair/leader?

I'm figuring it is our responsibility to set our goals and tell the
Fedora Foundation board about them.  They may have some additional goals
for us, and we may in turn have some to ask of them.  Ideally, our goals
should be a subset of their goals, which isn't that hard to do. :)

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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