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Re: install-guide/po zh_CN.po,1.1,1.2

On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 15:21 +0800, Yuan Yijun wrote:
> Investigation Report
> ======
> * install po2xml requires kdesdk which brings in a whole new KDE on my
> little HDD.

Yes, I found that too :(.

> * touch en/* would force make po execution


> * po2xml always cries for missing strings if there is nested xml tags
> I guess, but I'm not sure. xml2po in gnome-doc-utils works well. I
> think we can remove po2xml from Makefile.common and fdp-functions

Hopefully Paul or Tommy can chime in here - I don't really know enough
about xml2po vs. po2xml to have an opinion.

> * revdescription tag in zh_CN/fdp-info.xml is blank due to no
> translations available. Modify xsl to use en descriptions.
> * now relnotes/zh_CN can build
> --
> bbbush ^_^

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