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Re: install-guide/po zh_CN.po,1.1,1.2

Uttered Stuart Ellis <stuart elsn org>, spake thus:

> > * po2xml always cries for missing strings if there is nested xml tags
> > I guess, but I'm not sure. xml2po in gnome-doc-utils works well. I
> > think we can remove po2xml from Makefile.common and fdp-functions
> Hopefully Paul or Tommy can chime in here - I don't really know enough
> about xml2po vs. po2xml to have an opinion.

Oops!  Mea culpa.  My fault.  I'm sorry.  Heck, I just used up my
mistake for 1954!

I saw the po2xml changes that were made and thought they were because
the FDP translation process wasn't clear; after all, it wasn't
documented anywhere.

I totally missed that "xml2po" is bi-directional, and that "po2xml"
is expendable.  Let's get rid of it.

I'll work on this ASAP.


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