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Re: [RFC] Towards translatable entities

Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:

> Might I suggest a fourth possibility (one which I'm not sure will work,
> and is therefore inherently less cool than what Tommy has done)?
> 4)  Provide a custom DTD to be used for all docs files, which references
> an i18n tree somewhere in docs-common/common, for instance.  This would
> "wrap" the DTD for our preferred DocBook (looks like V4.4 currently) and
> provide general ("parsed"?) entities for each language.  

I considered this step.  

I also remembered there have been discussions (or requests) about FDP
having its own DTD, perhaps an official subset of some DocBook
version.  The idea has been rejected before because we don't want to
document and support a custom DocBook DTD version.

We are having enough trouble recruiting XML authors; I think having
the appearance of our own DTD would steepen the learning curve when
we should be flattening it.  And also lessen the document reuse

And then we'll get into the "it would be so neat to have
<fdp-element-foo>" added to the wrapper discussions...  

So I disregarded this approach and opted for the "virtual file"
concept that very closely matches the other building infrastructure.


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