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Re: Attempt to Assist in the generation of the FC5 Installation Guide

On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 13:05 -0800, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 15:59 -0500, Scott Glaser wrote:
> > Ok, I think I can actually work on the IG in the XML format, there is
> > one question though.  I have checked out the Installation Guide from CVS
> > to work on locally, when I check it back in there is a process of
> > approval prior to being compiled into the actual docs correct?
> Presuming you have write access to the CVS module (allowed in the ACL),
> there is no other step of approval for content going into the module.
> This only produces the draft document, however, which is viewable at:
> The actual publication at:
> http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/fedora-install-guide-en/
> does go through an approval process.
> Does that answer your question?
> - Karsten
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Yes that answers my question. I am not certain if I have write
privileges or not. The draft document should be viewable at


I plan to update the wiki with the updated outline and go from there, as
long as there are no issues.

Scott Glaser
Fedora Core User
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