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Re: Separate directories for each Language for Release notes (and other docs)

On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 07:47 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote: 
> Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:
> > As long as there's a way to share common files like figures under a
> > common/ subdirectory we should be OK.  I'm sure Tommy will think about
> > this and propose something logical.
> Oh, foolish mortal!  I did think of this (check the archives), back
> when we first started added the i18n build support.  The consensus at
> the time was to have flat directories.  And so we do.

Ha!  I don't know about you, but I plan to live forever.  ;-D

> \-- example-tutorial/
>     +-- Makefile
>     +-- common/
>     |   +-- Makefile
>     |   +-- bin/
>     |   +-- figs/
>     |   +-- src/
>     |   \-- xml/
>     \-- en/
>         +-- Makefile
>         +-- bin/
>         +-- figs/
>         +-- src/
>         \-- xml/
> Where:
> 	bin/	holds whatever scripts and such that need be run to
> 		generate dynamic content.
> 	figs/	holds language-specific diagrams and whatnot, such
> 		as SVG files converted to PNG by a bin/ script.
> 	src/	holds any raw code or snippets needed for the
> 		figures or examples.  I use this to make sure any 
> 		code-based screenshots actually work.
> 	xml/	Holds the XML files for the document.  Does not
> 		usually have subdirs, but they are not prohibited.
> A set of recursive Makefile's tie all this together, so I can drive
> everything from the top-level Makefile.
> Now, most of this is overkill for FDP, but I believe the structure is
> comprehensible, scalable, and most of all "sound".  Any subdir not
> needed can simply be omitted.  More could be added.

Now *that's* what I'm talkin' 'bout.

> Seriously, this would simplify the individual Makefile's even more than
> what we currently have, because we could avoid all those silly Makefile
> TEMPLATE constructs: they're elegant but not really readable.

OTOH, if we'd never used them I wouldn't have learned how they work. :-)

> I propose deferring this reorganization until we get the RPM
> packaging stuff nailed down.  Then we can just change the paths
> around a bit ;-)

Agreed, but I think we need some "thirds" and "me too's" before
proceeding since it will shake up CVS a little.  *sigh*  If only we used
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