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Re: CVS tag naming conventions

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>, spake thus:

> > I just realized that when CVS tagging a document revision, it is not
> > sufficient to tag only the document directory: one must also tag the
> > building infrastructure in "docs-common/".  Tags are fast, cheap and
> > easy, so we can use as many as we like.
> Lots of tags can make for a messy 'cvs status -v *'.  OK, that's fine,
> but an usage of tagging at a directory root with default recursive
> behavior can mean many files being tagged that are not involved in the
> tag.  That can be a bit confusing, aside from pulling in extraneous
> stuff for the checkout.

Er... snapshotting the status of _all_ the files in the resources
directories is exactly the goal, isn't it?  

One tag == one environment.
> So, imagining that everyone is tagging content in docs-common with each
> tag ... and you are correct, that is necessary to make it work tagging
> work ... oy, vey!  It makes my brain hurt.

Durn tootin!  The "cvs log" and "cvs status" commands get ugly
quickly, but I don't use them much ;-)
> Is this just what happens in a CVS repo over time?

Yup.  That's just how CVS works.
> I used a proprietary SCM for a while (Perforce) that gives *each* check-
> in a unique, sequential ID.  You can not only refer to them by ID, just
> like we do with bugzilla reports, but that ID is also a tag of that
> check-in.  It is representative of the entire repo at the time of the ID
> creation, and you can just get the pieces you want.
> SVN do that by any chance?

Yes, others SCM's use a "change-set" property for exactly that
purpose.  AFAIK, cvs(1) just does not have that capability other than
the "tag"; at least the tag can be nearly anything that does not look
like a revision number.
> > Since tags will be shared among all documents that use
> > "docs-common/", how should tags be formed?  
> There has been a tradition of using ALL-CAPITALS.  Sopwith requested
> that they be explicit, so we've been using e.g. FC-5-TEST1-TRANS-FREEZE,
> FC-5-TEST1-LATEST, etc.

OK by me, but no wonder your brain aches from looking at a long tags
list in capitals ;-)
> > "example-tutorial-corrected-typo".
> Ah, interesting, include the module in the tag.  That means you can use
> grep to sort out just the tags that are meaningful to you.

Yup.  Not an accident.  When we tag "docs-common/" along with the
document directory, we need a tag namespace rule to avoid collisions.
> I think having the module exactly like the module name (lower case), and
> then the data in ALL CAPS might make it easier to visually parse the
> information.

If you don't mind BEING SHOUTED AT ;-)
> Let's discuss this some more. :)

I'd like to hear from someone with heavy SVN experience; I'm only an


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