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Re: CVS tag naming conventions

On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 12:45 -0600, Tommy Reynolds wrote:

> > I think having the module exactly like the module name (lower case), and
> > then the data in ALL CAPS might make it easier to visually parse the
> > information.
> If you don't mind BEING SHOUTED AT ;-)

Well, we have two -1s and my lukewarm, "I think someone might care."

No requirement to use ALL CAPS in the tag convention, but we don't need
to regulate it.  Use what you see fit as long as:

1. You start with the module name, e.g. example-tutorial-some-tag
2. Be explicit, use words if you need them
3. Always tag your module _and_ docs-common:
  cvs tag -F example-tutorial-frozen-for-trans-20060120 example-tutorial/ docs-common/
4. Don't tag other modules that don't need tagging

Enough rules?  Ready for the Wiki?

- Karsten
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