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Sameer Niphadkar wrote:

Hi guys,
This is my 1st mail to the list. So here comes my customary introduction.

  1. Self-Introduction: Sameer Niphadkar (galbotrix)
Welcome to the Fedora Documentation Project.

   * What do you want to write about?
      Command line tools for Fedora - A GUI user guide
Not sure how they connect. Do you mean a guide that explain both GUI and command line tools?. If you have a table of contents and summary that would be very useful to get started.

   * What other documentation do you want to see published?
       Tracing mechanisms in Linux .
Does any of the Fedora Core or Extras packages support this?

   * Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?
      Yes, if its possible for me.
Sure. If you are interested we will pass on new revisions of documents to you for verification.

   * Anything else special?
     Adventure sports and travel

   * Historical qualifications
     Participated in the National students forum of IEEE and my paper
won the 1st prize (regional round)
Is the paper available online?. Just curious.

    * What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?
      Articles on http://www.osnews.com and http://slashdot.org
Can you provide links to the specific articles?

Fedora Bug Triaging - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers

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