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Re: Welcome

Uttered Gaurav <gauravp hclcomnet co in>, spake thus:

> why o why this self introduction is needed ...........................as
> if one is applying for a job or something ..........i never seen on OSS
> project this kind of rigid introduction schemes .....your past
> qualifications or  some white collar job is no guarantee against quality
> or the talent ...i have seen enough 16 years old or hackers with no
> higher education code writing the best code .. .the content or the code
> submitted should be only concern ....moreover there is no such processes
> in tldp


Speaking for myself and the FDPSC, let me correct your mis-impression
of the self introduction and why we require it.

We use the self introduction just to get to know you a little bit.
Here at FDP, we take the "community" part of "open source community"
seriously.  Besides, there is nothing to keep you from inflating your
intro.  That wouldn't be fair to yourself or to the other
participants, but we don't check such things: such behavior is its
own punishment ;-)

We believe a quick "this-is-me" is a very low hurdle to gain
membership.  Tell us who you are and you are in.  When I did the RHCE
certification for Red Hat, I had that 16-year old you mentioned and,
yes, he did out-score many other more senior folk on the test.
Myself, I don't have a degree either.  Ability is what counts here, not
puffery.  Show us what you can do and we will help you every step of
the way.

So, tell us a bit about yourself, give yourself a way to identify
yourself to us, and we will give you read/write access to the whole
CVS kingdom (just about).  

Seems pretty friendly, to me.


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