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Re: Welcome

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 07:11 +1100, David Woodhouse wrote: 
> On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 17:59 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > We dont judge anyone by their introduction alone. 
> I don't judge anyone by their introduction at all. But I _do_ judge
> people by their email habits. Gaurav top-posted, he used HTML for no
> apparent reason, he had an idiotic and unenforceable (and badly
> formatted) disclaimer on his email, and he seemed not to bother even to
> punctuate his own output enough to make it easily readable. That kind of
> thing I _do_ pay attention to -- not that my opinion necessarily
> matters.
sorry dude .......Oh My god look what I have done !!!! I have committed
a crime against humanity !!Btw ... Do you know there were  more than 400
mails in fedora mailing list in 2005 discussing merits / demerits of top
posting ... just for your attention ;-)
> Gaurav, since I suspect you're new to using email I don't mean to be too
> harsh -- I'd suggest reading any of the common references on how to use
> email politely, known as 'netiquette'. One example of such is available
> at http://david.woodhou.se/email.html

for once i just used default setting in mail client (ximian)  ......this
kind of crap 
> That one doesn't mention disclaimers because the pointlessness of those
> is just common sense -- you're posting to a public list and you really
> can't put that kind of restriction on the recipients unilaterally. You
> achieve nothing except to advertise the stupidity of your management.
> Personally, I just kick people off my lists immediately for such things.
> But then, HTML mail wouldn't have made it to one of my lists in the
> first place.
this aint ur list ;-) 
>  This list is a kinder (and hence noisier) place.
disclaimer is added by default by company server .....so there is
nothing much I do about it  (if you ever worked in a big company ...u
know the stupid company disclaimer policy which is enforced on every
employee  and added to each out going mail)....all i can do add my
disclaimer ...disclaiming the disclaimer below ;-)

good day,

My Disclaimer

pl ignore anything below this ;-)


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