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Re: Welcome

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 16:57 +0530, Gaurav Prasad wrote:
> sorry dude .......Oh My god look what I have done !!!! I have committed
> a crime against humanity !!Btw ... Do you know there were  more than 400
> mails in fedora mailing list in 2005 discussing merits / demerits of top
> posting ... just for your attention ;-)

You haven't committed a crime against humanity; you've just made
yourself look impolite and foolish. Nothing you can't recover from in

> for once i just used default setting in mail client (ximian)  ......this
> kind of crap 

Yes, Evolution is a pile of crap -- I agree. I still have bugs open
against it because it crashes when it views certain mails; bugs which I
opened months ago. Minor things like RFC violations take even longer to
get fixed.
> this aint ur list ;-) 

Indeed not.

By the way, you misspelled 'your' -- and sentences are generally
expected to start with a capital letter. Your own personal 'style' may
seem cute to your mother, but it's not really particularly useful when
you're communicating in a public forum. It just makes you look foolish.

> >  This list is a kinder (and hence noisier) place.
> > 
> disclaimer is added by default by company server .....so there is
> nothing much I do about it  (if you ever worked in a big company ...u
> know the stupid company disclaimer policy which is enforced on every
> employee  and added to each out going mail)....all i can do add my
> disclaimer ...disclaiming the disclaimer below ;-)

I work in a company which is big enough to have some of its own idiocy;
in fact that's why my company email address is generally used _only_ for
those emails which I absolutely need to be wearing my tinfoil hat for.
Anything which isn't strictly company-internal is done with my own email
address, which I know is competently run.

However, I do have enough confidence in our legal department to be
fairly sure that if some idiot in management wanted to add a pointless
disclaimer to all outgoing email, they'd veto such a public announcement
of our lack of clue.

I know of situations in which companies which have lost contracts to
competitors based on little more than their abuse of netiquette. It
gives a _very_ bad impression. Especially when you see a stupid
disclaimer -- the only thing it really achieves is to trumpet the
cluelessness of the company concerned.


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