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Minutes of FDSCo Meeting 31 January 2006

Attending Members:

Karsten Wade (quaid)
Tommy Reynolds (megacoder)
Gavin Henry (G2)
Paul Frields (stickster)
Stuart Ellis (elliss)

Also Participating:

Elliot Lee (Sopwith)

Schedule of Tasks:



* Karsten: E-mail with details on licensing documents with the OPL will
be sent to the mailing lists.

* Tommy: The translations within each CVS module will be split into
separate directories, one per language. This requires the migration of
the main translations infrastructure to completed first. Once complete
the documentation package building infrastructure will also need to be

* Paul: RPMs for documentation now build from CVS. The resulting
packages needed to be checked for correctness. A new package group will
also need to be created for documentation packages. Once these items
have been completed the packages can be added to Fedora Extras.

Full IRC Log:



Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn org

Fedora Documentation Project: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

GPG key ID: 7098ABEA
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