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Re: Wireless Guide / NTFS Guide / New writing

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 14:17 +0000, Adam Moreland wrote:
> NTFS, guide could still be done then, if written correctly, am i right in 
> assuming this?? I think i need help, before ploughing into documentation, 
> with such complex legal, or patent encumbered policies, and apologies for 
> the seemingly rediculous arguements i have amde, it is simply just not 
> enough to have aone or two docs on the subject, we need guides and 
> recomendations on where to get this stuff (native drivers i mean) and if 
> they are shippe,d how to active them.

Speaking only for NTFS and an official FDP doc, I would say this should
wait, just until we have a decision on the driver inclusion issue.  Note
that, as Patrick mentioned before, nothing stops you from working on
this with a non-official group such as Fedora Unity.  I don't think
anyone can guarantee for you that your work could be made official until
we have a decision on the main issue, which is including the NTFS kernel
module itself.

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