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The moin->docbook conversion

I'm a Google Summer of Code 2006 student working on improving the way moin can handle docbook.

I'm wrapping up the first stage which was about going from a wikipage to docbook.

The test wiki is at http://docbook.wikiwikiweb.de

Feel free to try it out.

Some stuff in the http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/WritingUsingTheWiki don't apply to this wiki:
 * WikiNames get converted in to complete urls
 * FootNote macro works
* Include macro works, but a new similar macro called Insert is preferred.
 * TableOfContents-macro gets automatically ignored
 * Admonition-macro for generating admonitions.

I have still some minor code cleaning to do, but this part should be feature complete. Please don't hesitate to report bugs directly to me.

Next I'll start working on converting a docbook to the moin-syntax.


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