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status on CVS access

FDP is moving to a sponsored CVS access model, very similar to what
Fedora Extras is doing.

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/CVSAccess [1]

The main reason is because we are moving away from CVS as being the
primary way to contribute and edit documentation.  Aside from the Wiki,
we are close to putting up a full CMS on fedoraproject.org, and most
documentation workflow (write, edit, publish) is going to be handled
directly there.

CVS continues to be important for translation and full-length documents
that authors prefer to work directly in XML.

The Fedora Infrastructure team is working on migrating Fedora
Translation CVS and the CGI that handles the translators' workflow.  In
the meantime, we'll continue to add individual translators.  These
translators need to follow the same sponsorship model, ideally with a
sponsor being a fellow translator from their language.

Cheers - Karsten

[1] Thanks to Hugo Cisneros for his draft of this document and helping
to drive the sponsorship model for FDP :)
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