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Re: Self Introduction : Serhat GUNGOR

Welcome ;-)

2006/7/12, Serhat Güngör <cepxat gmail com>:
I'm Serhat GUNGOR from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm a Computer Engineer and using linux nearly 4 years. Before Fedora i was using Red Hat. Till last week i was working as system administrator in Istanbul Technical University(ITU) which is the one of the big universities of Turkey. Mostly Red Hat Enterprise Lİnux is used there in the server side. In the client side more than 1000 computers are Fedora. We started a a Linux Education program in ITU which is called ITU Linux Academy ( http://ila.itu.edu.tr -- page is in Turkish) and had lots of students from university or out of the university. Now i'm working at Turkey's biggest GSM operator.

I am working on Fedora Translation Project and i will be leading the Turkish team. And to make people join the translation project, firstly i want to translate quick-start-guide to Turkish.

Serhat Gungor
cepxat gmail com

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