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translation-quick-start-guide improvement

Hi fedora-docs team

During the translation process of translation-quick-start-guide, I have encountered a couple points not covered well or possibly info changed.

o For "4.1. Downloading Documentation", cvs repository path is explained as "ext:username cvs fedora redhat com:/cvs/docs", but it was corrected in sometime here to "cvs.fedoraproject.org". Could you mind to clarify this?

o For "2.3. Accounts for Documentation", it would be nice if the section could contain more information/link about cvsdocs account. Translators from existing translation project (for software) may need more step by step instruction. I will file a bug for the author.

o For publishing process, does the translator need to obtain the account of wiki-edit for adding the translation into Publish Que? If so then, the instruction of wiki-edit account may also be needed to add?


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