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Re: translation-quick-start-guide improvement

On Thu, 2006-07-13 at 14:59 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Hi fedora-docs team
> During the translation process of translation-quick-start-guide, I have 
> encountered a couple points not covered well or possibly info changed.
> o For "4.1. Downloading Documentation", cvs repository path is explained 
> as "ext:username cvs fedora redhat com:/cvs/docs", but it was corrected 
> in sometime here to "cvs.fedoraproject.org". Could you mind to clarify this?

They are the same machine.  We are moving to using 'fedoraproject.org'
instead of 'fedora.redhat.com' by convention.

> o For "2.3. Accounts for Documentation", it would be nice if the section 
> could contain more information/link about cvsdocs account. Translators 
> from existing translation project (for software) may need more step by 
> step instruction. I will file a bug for the author.

The author can use this page as a source for instructions:


The first question addresses how to get an account.  I recommend using
that information, then linking to the WikiEditing page from the
trans-q-s-g for any other questions.

> o For publishing process, does the translator need to obtain the account 
> of wiki-edit for adding the translation into Publish Que? If so then, 
> the instruction of wiki-edit account may also be needed to add?

The PublishQueue page is a short-term work around until the content
management system (CMS) is ready.  The CMS lets us have a workflow of
author/translate <-> edit -> publish, all through a single system.

I do not think we can continue to use this work around with many
thousands of translators. :)  This is one reason why it is highly
important to get translation CVS moved to cvs.fedoraproject.org, so we
can use your existing processes and tools.

Currently, when translating documentation or strings from software, how
does each language team:

1. Have another translator approve/agree that the translation is

2. Signal that the translation is accurate and ready to be incorporated
back into the software package?

To get back to your specific question -- right now, yes, a translator
who is working in cvs.fedoraproject.org/cvs/docs needs to edit that Wiki
page when a document is ready for publishing.  Fortunately, getting Wiki
edit privileges is the easy part, once the CLA is signed and the CVS
account is obtained, anyone with a Wiki edit account can put the new
person in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EditGroup.

Can you add this to your bug report so the step can be added/explained
more in the trans-q-s-g?


- Karsten
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