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Re: release notes ready for translation (FC6 test2)

Le mercredi 12 juillet 2006 à 05:22 -0700, Karsten Wade a écrit :
> The release notes are ready for translation.  We apologize for the delay
> (about 14 hours) as we work through new processes.
> The new POT file is found at:
> cvs.fedoraproject.org:/cvs/docs/release-notes/devel/po/RELEASE-NOTES.pot
> The files in devel/ (and the docs-common module) have been tagged in CVS
> with "ready-for-translation-FC6-test2".
> If you have any questions, fedora-docs-list is probably the best place
> to ask.
> - Karsten

I checked the new pot file and i think it is useless to lose time
changing all the "Fedora Core" strings to "Fedora Core 6 test2". That
means that there will be a new issue for the release note with a new
modification to "Fedora Core 6 test2". 

Why not to write it plain "Fedora Core 6", as it is our main goal, and
that release notes for test version are just kind of drafts ?

Thomas Canniot

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