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translation and two CVSes

Just in case there is any confusion ...

We got the RELEASE-NOTES.pot a few days late into i18n.r.c, and we did
not get a chance to document many procedures.

From a Fedora Documentation (FDP) view, existing FDP translators are the
lead translators for RELEASE-NOTES.pot for your language.  If you are
not working directly with the existing language team in the Fedora
Translation Project, you now should be.

The merging of PO files from i18n.r.c -> cvs.fedoraproject.o is going to
be handled manually by A S Alam of Fedora Trans.  Keep backups of your
PO files, in case we need to manage any conflicts across the two CVS

Hopefully there are no conflicts, especially with merging PO files.  If
anyone has any questions or conflicts they cannot resolve, either email
this list or myself.

Thanks - Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE, 108 Editor    ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
 Sr. Developer Relations Mgr.     |  fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject
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