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Re: Suggestions for system home page

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
O/H Rahul έγραψε:
Dimitris Glezos wrote:
OK, I'll throw yet another idea on the table here. :)

I sat back and thought a bit about the default home page of the browser,
served at file:///usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html. I feel it isn't really
what the users should see as a system home page.

What we should aim is a page that feels like "home", something
welcoming, a collection of useful information for the desktop.

I prepared a draft picture of what I have in mind. You can see it here:


Comments, suggestions, rants welcome.

Excellent.  A few minor nit picks.

Can you use the icon set from http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/BluecurveAndBeyond? This is the icon set that is going to be included in FC6 and the homepage style should fit with the rest of the desktop. If you need more specific icons, fedora-art list has people who can help out.

I am not sure whether the getting started guide, desktop user guide and administration guide are going to written and completed in time for FC6. The release notes package has been split up in the development tree which makes it easier to update this page during release time however. As a mockup thats fine.

Key features can be replaced by a link to the HelpWanted wiki page IMO. We need to encourage people to contribute more than tell him how great Fedora is since they already need to install it to see his page.

The blurb on getting started guide refers to "Fedora Core Linux". We dont use that name. For consistency, change it into Fedora Core or just Fedora especially if it covers software in Fedora Extras too.

The FAQ should be placed right below the release notes since they are both local documents and of higher priority than other guides.

For comparison and ideas, http://www.redhat.com/fedora/. Thanks


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