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Re: FedoraXenQuickstartFC5

Tommy Reynolds wrote:
I've learnt so many things from you.

Don't worry, they will wash off ;-)

When my Fedora accounts membership is approved, and how can I know?

You should receive an email.  You should already be subscribed to the
Fedora Docs List, no?

Or you could just log into Fedora Account system, and you should see your account in cla_done(user/approved) group. Since I see you in the group, I will add your account to edit group, so you can edit the wiki. Please read Guidelines section of the following page, and introduce yourself in the wiki.



All right!
I can not see "edit" button anywhere, so it should indicate I don't have
the ability.
I see last edited on 2006-04-12, by StephenTweedie (no link indicating
email). How can I reach him?

Accounts which can edit the wiki are listed here:


I don't see contact information for him there, though.  However, his info
is well known.  mailto:sct redhat com

Hope this helps.

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