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Generating docbooks from moinmoin (wiki)

Hello everyone,

As my Google Summer of Code project, I'm going to work on improving and extending the way the wiki works with docbooks.

For those of you who don't know, there is some support in the moinmoin wiki for generating different formats as output. One of these formats is docbook, but unfortunately the current docbook formatter is buggy.

My project has started with fixing existing bugs, and thus making a page in the wiki exportable as a docbook article. At this point this initial step is mostly done, and I'll set up a test wiki in the next few days for you to test it out and find bugs.

To read more about the progress and plans for this project, please check out http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MoinDocBookProject and the links there.

Your feedback, comments and ideas, as well as bugreports later on, are all very welcome. I'm already hanging at #fedora-docs as mvirkkil so if you have some thoughts about all this, please don't be shy :). You can naturally also e-mail me at mvirkkil cc hut fi

Mikko Virkkilä

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