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Re: Self-Introduction: Peter van Egdom

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 22:18 +0200, Peter van Egdom wrote:
> Name : Peter van Egdom
> City, Country : Zaandijk, The Netherlands (GMT+1)
> Profession : System administrator, part-time computer science student.
> My goals in the Fedora Project :
> ===
> - Translation of the various Fedora Core components to the Dutch language.
> - Proofreading the existing Dutch language of the Fedora Core components.
> - Reporting bugs I encounter on Fedora Core.
> - Triaging Fedora bug-reports.

Thanks for your introduction. :)

From what I read in your email, are you looking for just translating the
software strings?  Or are you interested in translating documentation?

If the first, then you probably want to focus on:


If you are interested in writing original content in English or Dutch,
let us know!

cheers - Karsten
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