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Re: Makefile problem?

On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 17:12 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Tommy,
> I think I have a problem nailed down and was hoping you could confirm my
> results.  If I do a 'make distclean' on a module and then 'make
> html-${LANG}' where $LANG is one of the $OTHERS, usually the build fails
> because of a missing entity.  This happens, I believe, because the
> translation runs against the totally sanitized $PRI_LANG/ version, which
> does not include fully built $PRI_LANG/fdp-entities.ent and
> $PRI_LANG/${DOC_ENTITIES}.ent files.  The local $LANG/*.ent files do get
> built, but since the $PRI_LANG/*.xml files are parsed before translation
> and the $PRI_LANG/*.ent files don't exist, there are no calls to them in
> the internal subset of the translated $LANG/*.xml files.
> In case I have been very confus{ing,ed} above, here's the example I ran,
> using the translation-quick-start-guide module:
> $ make distclean html-it    # fails to validate, no FCMINVER entity
> (Hmm, check it/doc-entities.{xml,ent} and it's there, sho 'nuff...)
> (Hmm, read the it/translation-quick-start-guide.xml file... Aha! Note
> the end of the internal subset where you would normally see the entities
> in doc-entities.ent, and the content is missing.)
> So in short, any building of *anything* requires that
> ${PRI_LANG}/${DOC_ENTITIES}.ent be built, in addition to
> ${1}/${DOC_ENTITIES}.ent .  Would the best way to fix this be to change
> this rule:
> set-locale-${1}::  ${1}/${FDP_ENTITIES} ${PRI_LANG}/${DOC_ENTITIES}.ent
> ...?  Or am I barking up the wrong rule?

Addendum:  It also appears that the set-locale dependency needs to be
moved *before* the XMLFILES-${1} and XMLDEPFILES-${1} dependencies for
everything to work properly, since you have to build
${PRI_LANG}/${DOC_ENTITIES}.ent before translating the documents from
the PO files.  I think this is the case for any and all targets
depending on set-locale-${1}.

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