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Re: Guide on release notes translation?

On 29-06-2006, thu at 02:28 +0100, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> Hello.
> I searched the wiki for a page explaining how the translation of the 
> beats work (or should work), but didn't find any.
> Some other questions that come to my mind concerning the relnotes 
> translation:
>    * Does the "release notes freeze day" mean that a translator can't 
> (or shouldn't) translate the .po file earlier?
>   * Is the 'release-notes/devel' cvs module updated from the wiki before 
> the freeze day so that we can star working on the translation before the 
> freeze day?
>   * If yes, how often?
>   * What's the best way to retain the translated parts of the older 
> beats without translating them again?
> If there is such a page (targeted for translators, not beat writers), 
> someone please point it out to me (sorry for not finding it).
> If not, then I believe such a page would be useful, because the 
> translation of the release notes are somewhat different from the rest of 
> the docs.
> Thanks.
> -Dim

Hi Dimitris,

This page can be useful for you:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Translation But, as you have
already pointed it, even though I have received help from mether, nman64
and other people I have not mentioned here, I still do not exectly know
how the relnotes should be translated :D That is inter alia why I have
to edit, as I think few thousands lines to prepare FC5 relnotes for
publishing, although it is already 3 months after release. Heh, I abash
that it takes a long time like that. Now I am waiting until I will
install my system from the beginning, cos I have a big mess here :>


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