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new writer intro

Hello - 
My name's Ria Caussyn. I'm in the US/Eastern Time Zone. I guess that would be something like GMT -4 or -5.  I'm a database administrator in the Tru64 unix environment.  I've also used Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 for Oracle production databases and was quite pleased with the results.  I've used unix/linux for over 10 years - started using linux with the 50 floppy disk SLAC ware distribution.  Almost all my experience is from the user side - could probably use some more sysadmin experience.  I use Scientific Linux at home, which is basically Fedora 4.  I'm kind of a jack of all trades - java, apache, j2ee, perl, korn shell, C, fortran, oracle stuff, etc.

Writing - I've done some sports writing.  I won't be useful for translation because English (South Eastern US dialect, y'all) is the only language I know.  Bad on me.  I'm told that I'm good at translating tech talk for managers.

Goals in Fedora Project - I don't have any specific goals.  What motivates me is that I've gotten a lot of use out of linux over the years and I'd like to give something back.. and I would like to try my hand at technical writing.

Anyway, I hope the intro isn't too verbose.
Here's my signature key:

pub  1024D/E2B47374 2006/06/28 Ria Caussyn <dazeymae619 earthlink net>
     Key fingerprint = 7B9D B2D0 4A50 CE9A FE7C  E119 18F6 5305 E2B4 7374


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