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Re: new writer intro

On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 11:54 -0400, Ria Caussyn wrote:
> Hello - 
> My name's Ria Caussyn. I'm in the US/Eastern Time Zone. I guess that
> would be something like GMT -4 or -5.  I'm a database administrator in
> the Tru64 unix environment.  I've also used Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 for
> Oracle production databases and was quite pleased with the results.
> I've used unix/linux for over 10 years - started using linux with the
> 50 floppy disk SLAC ware distribution.  Almost all my experience is
> from the user side - could probably use some more sysadmin experience.
> I use Scientific Linux at home, which is basically Fedora 4.  I'm kind
> of a jack of all trades - java, apache, j2ee, perl, korn shell, C,
> fortran, oracle stuff, etc.

Hi Ria!  Nice to meet you, and it sounds like you have a lot of skills
to offer.

> Writing - I've done some sports writing.  I won't be useful for
> translation because English (South Eastern US dialect, y'all) is the
> only language I know.  Bad on me.  I'm told that I'm good at
> translating tech talk for managers.

Great, you can translate whatever Tommy (megacoder, our resident
programming genius) says, since I think he's also a Southerner.  I'm in
Virginia, but I'm just as close to DC as Richmond, which I think
nowadays makes me a Yankee.  But I do love sweet tea.

> Goals in Fedora Project - I don't have any specific goals.  What
> motivates me is that I've gotten a lot of use out of linux over the
> years and I'd like to give something back.. and I would like to try my
> hand at technical writing.

Same reason I joined this project.  Are you looking at the NewWriters
page[1] on the wiki?  That's a (bit longish) guide to getting started
here.  Check out the Drafts area[2] on the wiki for some other ideas.
The Desktop User guide might be a great place for you to plunge in.
It's not supposed to be terribly complex subject matter, bu writing for
new users is the best way to learn how to write technical material
clearly.  I'm happy to lend advice where I can, and so are plenty of
others around here.

We hang around IRC on #fedora-docs and you are more than welcome there,
just drop in and introduce yourself.

> Anyway, I hope the intro isn't too verbose.
> Here's my signature key:
> pub  1024D/E2B47374 2006/06/28 Ria Caussyn <dazeymae619 earthlink net>
>      Key fingerprint = 7B9D B2D0 4A50 CE9A FE7C  E119 18F6 5305 E2B4
> 7374

Welcome aboard!  Please let us know how we can help you get started.

= = =
[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/NewWriters 
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts 

Paul W. Frields, RHCE                          http://paul.frields.org/
  gpg fingerprint: 3DA6 A0AC 6D58 FEC4 0233  5906 ACDB C937 BD11 3717
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