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Re: Confusion about using CVS

Tommy Reynolds wrote:
Uttered Hugo Cisneiros <hugo devin com br>, spake thus:

There appear to be problems with the way that the build tools, or
"docs-common/Makefile.common", use the .PO file and the ${PRI_LANG}
XML files to generate the "pt_BR/foo.xml" files.

There are two tools, "xml2po" and "po2xml", that claim to perform
this function, but neither one is working correctly for me.

If you look into your "docs-common/Makefile.common" file at about
line 832, you should see something like this:

Correcting: line 415 :P

#	${XML2PO} -k -p po/${1}.po ${2} >$$@
	${PO2XML} ${2} po/${1}.po >$$@

At as trial, comment out the ${PO2XML} line and uncomment the
${XML2PO{ line, so that it looks like this:

	${XML2PO} -k -p po/${1}.po ${2} >$$@
#	${PO2XML} ${2} po/${1}.po >$$@

The try your "make html-pt_BR" command again.  On my system the
${PO2XML} line gives the error you are seeing, but the ${XML2PO} file
gives different errors.  However, the ${XML2PO} errors may, repeat
_may_, be caused by some other part of the toolchain.

Now it worked! The RELEASE-NOTES-pt_BR directory was created and every content in it is well. Executing only "make" will create a html-nochunks version and a targzipped version of the directory too. All fine. What was your errors?

I noted some other erros, and I'll send here just for documenting. The first was many warnings with this message:

   No localization exists for "po/pt_br" or "po/pt". Using default "en".

But everything is created fine. This warnings appear when creating/writing the html files. This happens with zh_CN too. Maybe because of a case sensitivity issue?

I don't think that this will cause damages, as documents were all fine after the build, but I really don't have idea :)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're working on this.

That's ok, if I can help in anything, just ask and I'll be glad to.

By the way, have you any experience using the tools from the intltool
RPM?  They could be my third alternative...

Not yet, I didn't know about this package :)


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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