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Re: missing in release notes...

Uttered Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net>, spake thus:

> 1) no italian entities where used to make the documents but the english were 
> used instead (I have cecked it in RELEASE-NOTES.xml)

*This* is the problem I am having with XML2PO's XML updating: it eats
the &ENTITY; string in the output XML.  It's easy to reproduce this
problem.  Checkout the "example-tutorial" and:

$ make validate-xml-de
$ vi de/example-tutorial.xml

The first <para>, the one that mentions "the local entity", has been
transcribed incorrectly, leaving out the "&LOCAL-ENT;" string.

PO2XML does not exhibit this problem, but seems not to be able to
locate some of your replacement strings.  

This is frustrating.

For now, I think you are doing everything correctly; when we get the
toolchain working, you should see better results.


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every intention of dying an abuse!

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