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Re: missing in release notes...

Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>, spake thus:

> > This is frustrating.
> > For now, I think you are doing everything correctly; when we get the
> > toolchain working, you should see better results.
> I have been playing with intltool a little to see how it works.
> Although it appears to work (when you add a dash of XSLT to mark the
> elements that are intended for translation), a toolchain using intltool
> would not preserve entity markings.  Instead, the translators would have
> to retranslate a line if the entity value changed.  Obviously not
> optimal.

Are there no parades in DC that you could have rained on them :-?

Seriously, thanks for the input.  We'll just have to get the
XML2PO/PO2XML tool to work; it must work; it has been released; there
wouldn't be any bugs in it; it must be a pilot error.


I'm already an anomaly, I shall soon be an anachronism, and I have
every intention of dying an abuse!

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