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Re: Self-Introduction: Edward Haddock

Aloha Karsten,
I am sorry this email is not signed. I am struggling with setting up enigmail for Thunderbird. I will continue to work on it and hopefully resolve it soon. Yes I will need some direction. At thsi point I am thinking mostly that I can review documentation and see if I can make sense of it. I am a novice so hopefully if it makes sense to me it should for most. Thank you for the warm response. I look forward to helping. :) I am very enthusiastic about FC5 and the possibilities it has. I will read that webpage and post some thoughts whne I can.

Karsten Wade wrote:

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 18:07 -1000, Edward Haddock wrote:
Aloha all,

Aloha.  Welcome to the Documentation Project.

Just a few quick questions to get started:

Do you want direction on which part of the project needs contributors?
Or even a specific assignment?  Or do you prefer to look around and find
what you are interested?

This is a place to get started; please let us know what is good,
missing, confusing, and stupid about this page, if you notice anything
work commenting on:


Edward R Haddock Jr here. I live in Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA. I am a Satellite Systems Technician and Network Manager currently working for BAE Systems at A Government Satellite Facility. My goals at this point are not many. I am not a professional writer or editor at all. I would like to help if I can. I can review documents for grammar/writing style but am not technically savvy enough to do that side of things.

No problems.  Your skill level in all things is needed, simply because
Fedora readers/users are at all skill levels.  I guarantee that if you
are interested enough to read and comment on various documents, you are
going to find obfuscation :) or unspecified assumptions that the old-
timey UNIX people wouldn't notice, but need to be spelled out for the
rest of the world.

I have not worked on any projects prior to this so I am very new to it all. Please be patient with me.

Don't know if our reputation proceeds us, but we pride ourselves on
being, "The kinder, gentler Fedora sub-project." ;-D

This makes Fedora Documentation a good place to get started with open
source projects.  Also, a great thing about working with newbies (like
me!) is that our enthusiasm is still greater than our cynicism.
This reminds me of how to have fun and success in Aikido, the Japanese
martial art that means "Way of Harmonizing Energy."  The more enthusiasm
(energy) that a student brings to the mat, the more fun they are going
to have getting thrown all over the place.  Often it is more fun to be
tossed through the air and learn how to land gracefully than to be the
tosser. :)

I am adequate on the computer. I would say I am a little above a novice and am definitely new to Fedora. I am very good with Electronics and those types of things and currently working on my computer science degree. My main hope here is to contribute to something I feel is worthwhile. Open Source has inspired me

You are in good company here. :)

Welcome, and again, please let us know how you want to be integrated
into the project (directed at activities or left to own devices).

Cheers - Karsten

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