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Fwd: Self-Introduction: Jose Nuno Pires

Full Name: 	José Nuno Pires

City/Country:	Lisboa / Portugal
Profession:	Project Manager
Company:		INOV / Inesc Inovação

Goals in the Fedora Project:

	- To translate documentation for Fedora into European Portuguese

	- Proofreading existing documentation

	- Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy? Yes

Historical qualifications:

	- Translator for Red Hat/Fedora applications into European Portuguese since

	- Translator for KDE into European Portuguese since 1997

	- Developer since 1993/94 in several languages (Basic, C, C++, Java, Python)

	- Collaborator in a Python learning book "Python Curso Completo" in 2001
 with Pedro Morais

What makes you an excellent match for the project?

	- To make Portuguese one of the fully-supported languages on Red Hat/Fedora

	- Always trying to keep translations correct, up-to-date and consistent,
 with the help of automation scripts which help validating the correctness
 and consistency of the result (http://gettext-lint.sourceforge.net)

GPG KEYID: 		3636 445B
GPG Fingerprint: 	3E41 838E 84C7 3849 345B 210C 7426 A162 3636 445B

Best regards,
José Nuno Coelho Pires
Development Engineer
Unidade de Sistemas de Informação

Telemóvel:	 96 630 61 13
E-Mail:		 jose pires inov pt

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