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Re: Amendment of the article "Translate Fedora in Microsoft Windows"

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 11:54 +1000, Chester Cheng wrote:
> Hi Karsten,
> I modified the document "Translate Fedora in Microsoft Windows" and
> added a paragraph below.
> It's not much.  Just add some information that was mentioned earlier
> in the mailing list.
> However, I cannot commit it back to the cvs repository.
> Can you help me compile and upload the file?

Certainly, sorry about the delay in responding.  I was traveling Monday
and Wednesday, with full meetings in between, so I'm a few days behind.

I'm adding fedora-docs-list to the Cc:, as this is a greater resource
than I alone,. :

Committing to CVS:

You'll need to give some details, such as the error message.  Which
CVSROOT were you working on?

For example, the content is kept in cvs.fedora:/cvs/docs/translation-
guide-windows, while the content that publishes on the website:


is drawn from CVS at cvs.fedora:/cvs/fedora/web/html/docs/translation-

For the source content in /cvs/docs, there are no restrictions on
access.  But you have to first have a CVS account.  I tried to add
'ccheng' to the 'cvsdocs' group via admin.fedora.r.c, and got an error
that I think means there is no such account as 'ccheng'.

If you need a Fedora account, this page explains things well:


Once you have the account and have signed the CLA, you can then request
access to the 'cvsdocs' group, and I'll approve it.  This grants you
access to that area of the CVS, i.e., /cvs/docs.  Once there, you have
permission to the whole repository.

Building XML:

You need these modules:


However, the translation-guide-windows module needs to be modernized to
work with the i18n'ized toolchain.  The module 'example-tutorial' can be
looked at to understand how to modify the directory structure.  Let us
know if you have any problems or need help.

- Karsten
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> with newer version of TortoiseCVS. 
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