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Re: Anaconda: good work!

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 11:45 -0500, Jeremy Katz wrote:
>>   * Links don't work in Release Notes
>>     Rather frustrating, considering the size of the doc.
>>     Links within the document should work, if they
>>     look like regular links (color, cursor)
> Yeah.  We didn't have HTML release notes until late in the game.  At
> that point, I noticed but it was a bit risky to be going and making
> the necessary changes to have them work.
>>   * External links in Release Notes are confusing
>>     These can't possibly work, it would be nice if we
>>     can disable them to avoid confusion.
> Hrm.  Not sure how to handle this.  They could conceivably work in
> network installs, but are almost certainly a bad idea.  Maybe the way
> to do this is to do some processing on the release notes file before
> we feed it to the viewer

This was my thought too.  A small XSL snippet and a specialized Makefile
target for the Anaconda-destined build should take care of this.  I
don't think anyone would reasonably argue against the fact that you guys
are using GtkHtml3 (right?) to render the notes in Anaconda now.  But it
would best not to mislead readers also.  I am cc'ing the Docs list on
this so we can capture the discussion, but a bug would be appreciated,
filed against Fedora Documentation -> toolchain-devel.

>>   * Release Notes too big?
>>     I found them to be too big/verbose, especially for
>>     a light read during install. But maybe it's just me.
> Yep, the Docs project has rocked at getting lots of content.  This has
> the downside of there being lots of content.  Double-edged sword...

Hey, are you trolling for compliments?  OK, OK, Anaconda ROCKS.  ;-D
(No, seriously.)

In any case, I agree, the release notes are a little TOO sizable.  I
think the general tenor with having community-provided "beats" with a
different author for each one means that everyone is under the
impression their content is of paramount importance.  With a very
decentralized process the first time through, we erred on the side of
inclusion, so as not to cheese anyone off by leaving out the one
surprise that hit their particular edge case. :-)

As we develop this process, which was new for FC5, I'm certain there
should and will be a strong guiding personality to "wield the red pen"

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