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Self Introduction: Lance Benjamin


My name is Lance Benjamin and I am currently a student
(sophomore-junior) at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas, USA,
majoring in Information Systems Technology. 

I *think* I've completed all the steps to join the Documentation Project
and my purpose for doing so is I feel that I have a lot of time to offer
to the project as well as skill.  I would best be utilized in editing
for grammar/writing since I have just become comfortable enough with
Fedora to completely abandon all instances of M$.  

Becoming a user/contributor of this project would be extremely
beneficial to me, as a learning experience as well, since I generally
learn things by typing them, I can't even begin to count the number of
text books I have mostly re-written in my studies at school.  

Other projects, I have done numerous writing projects at my old job
where I was a network operations technician.  Including a Operations
Manual for standards in our data centers.  

Computer skills, I would consider myself intermediate with
linux-specific items, but in general, I've been using a computer for
about 20 years (I am 26, by the way).  

I have lots of experience in the "people skills" department, and minor
experience programming in a windows (cough) environment.  

What makes me (think I am) an excellent match for the project?  As I
said before, I have lots and lots of time to dedicate to the project and
feel that my involvement would be beneficial for me as well as the

Hope I covered everything, but if anyone has any particulars they would
like to know feel free to ask and I'll most likely be glad to answer!


Lance A. Benjamin <lance benjamin gmail com>
gpg fingerprint: 2340 30A4 B019 4A35 6072  D271 2A8C D634 F6E4 A102

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